Welcome to Derek Trauger & Associates Welcome to Derek Trauger & Associates

Derek Trauger & Associates is an Orlando-based design and development company specializing in the development, customization and implementation of custom software applications. Our creative and highly experienced team of software engineers are able to provide solutions to any software development challenge your business may face.  We have proven expertise in the building and fine-tuning of enterprise content management systems, corporate websites, mobile applications on platforms such the iPhone and Android, as well a myriad of custom stand-alone solutions.


Products / Services / Support

  • Products


    We believe that our products should be easy to use and simple to understand. We strive to create an intuitive line of products with an aim at making the technology easy to use, natural and operate with the end user in mind.

  • Services


    We specialize in creating custom applications to meet whatever you or your business may need. We have experience with Web applications, Web services, iPhone Applications, Android Applications, Windows applications, and Windows services.

  • Support


    We offer technical support to our customers and anyone interested in evaluating our products and services.  Our technical support team is committed to providing exceptional support services. Our online technical support services include resources that can help answer most of your technical inquiries.