DNN BackItUp Module

DNN BackItUp allows you to perform a full DNN installation backup including the database in the form of a SQL Server backup file and all folders (\Portals,\bin,\DesktopModules, etc.) and files (web.config. Global.asax, etc.)associated with your DNN installation. The module natively compresses your root folder and database backup file into a single easy to download zip file.

Community Edition

  • Exception Reporting
  • Configurable Database Backup File Name
  • Configurable Backup Archive Destination
  • Configurable Backup Archive Name
  • Configurable Backup Archive Compression Level (0-9, Store thru Maximum Compression)
  • Ability to Password Protect Backup Archive
  • Scheduling Functionality (Download Instructions for Details)
  • Records Date of Last Backup

Download DNN BackItUp Module

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