DNN SiteMap Module

DNN SiteMap is a DotNetNuke (DNN) module which allows you to display a navigable site map to your users. The module renders an unlimited number of tab levels (n-levels) based on the currently logged on user's permissions.
  • Unlimited Tab Levels
  • Customizable Through CSS
  • Only Displays Pages with Current User's Level of Permission

Site Map

      •Android Apps
           •Bait Shops
           •Magic Basketball Online
      •DotNetNuke Modules
           •DNN BackItUp Module
           •DNN SiteMap Module
           •DNN CountDown/Up Module
      •iPad Apps
           •Bait Shops HD
           •Dive Spots HD
      •iPhone Apps
           •Bait Shops
           •Boat Ramps
           •Buoy Tracker
           •Dive Spots
           •Simple Charts
      •Windows Applications
           •Application Pool Defibrillator
           •MD5 File Comparison Tool

Download DNN SiteMap Module

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