MD5 File Comparison Tool

MD5 File Comparison Tool is a basic lightweight file comparison tool built on the .NET Framework and leveraging the widely used MD5 (Message-Digest algorithm) cryptographic hash function.  While the MD5 algorithm is not collision resistant and should not be used in life/mission critical systems, it does provide an extremely high level of reliability for most file comparison applications as the probability of collision is low since the key size of 128 bits has 3.4 x 1038 possible combinations and the chance of finding two files that produce the same hash value should be computationally impossible.
MD5 is a hash function developed in 1994 by cryptographer Ron Rivest as an alternative to the MD4 algorithm, developed in 1992. The MD5 algorithm takes a file of arbitrary length and breaks that file into 512 bit input blocks. Each block is run through a series of functions to produce a unique 128 bit hash value for the file. Changing just one bit in any of the input blocks should have a cascading effect that completely alters the hash results.

The MD5 File Comparison Tool offers a straight forward no frills graphic user interface.  
  1. Select your first file using the "File 1" open file dialog
  2. Select your second file using the "File 2" open file dialog
  3. Click the "Compare" button and the results (MD5 hash values of both files and the result of the comparison) will be displayed in the below text field.
  4. If the files match the words "FILES MATCH" will be displayed in green, if the files don't match the words "FILES DO NOT MATCH" will appear in red.

NOTE:  Execution time will vary. Linear relationship exists between file size and execution time.


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