Simple Charts

Simple Charts provides a simple easy-to-use chart plotting solution for your iPhone and iPad. Simple Charts is a full resolution seamless marine charting app compatible with both the iPhone and iPad. Simple Charts makes for the perfect marine charting companion for the cruiser, sailor, fisherman or anyone on the water. Save your fishing hotspot or any point of interest to return later to and / or share with a friend easily.

Key Features:

✓ Charts cover all U.S. coastal areas, the Great Lakes and several major river systems
✓ Charts are seamlessly stitched together to form a single seamless chart, zooming and out of an area automatically selects the correct chart.
✓ Chart tiles are automatically processed and updated every 7 days based on NOAA chart corrections.
✓ No Network. No Problem. Browsed maps and charts are downloaded and cached on the device as you browse them and are then available even without an active Internet connection.
✓ Add waypoints by tapping and holding the map or entering the waypoint coordinates
✓ View real-time information about saved waypoints including distance to waypoint, time to go, velocity made good, and more
✓ View real-time course information including latitude, longitude, heading and speed
✓ Share data with friends via Social Networks, SMS and Email
✓ View additional map overlays including Google's Satellite Imagery, OpenStreetMap Road Maps, and OpenTopoMaps
✓ Track your position in real-time
✓ Display course track on charts
✓ NOAA Weather Observations
✓ Latitude / Longitude Format: Decimal, DM (DD° mm.mmm') and DMS (DD° MM' ss.s") Coordinates
✓ Speed and Distance Units: Metric, Imperial and Nautical Units
✓ Ruler Functionality - Allows User to Measure Distance Between Two Points on Maps & Charts.
✓ Odometer / Distance Tracker Functionality
✓ Added DM (DD° mm.mmm') Coordinate Formatting
✓ Added True / Magnetic Heading Setting
✓ Added Social Media Integration (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Others)